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iPhone/iPad app signer for
iOS 9 – iOS 13.5

What is Lightning Sing?

In simple terms, it is a computer-less iOS application signing tool. Through this tool, you can download or import IPA Files directly to the tool and sign and install it directly.

Get Lightning Sign Premium Certificate

If you dont have Enterprise Cert, You need buy udid based cert to sign apps.

Lightning Sign iOS , iPhone/iPad App sign software
How to install Lightning Sign App –

Install with computer – lightning sign latest version v1.2.2 released with fixing major bugs.

闪电签(IPA签名安装) 首先在 中下载闪电签。

More – Lightning Sign Guide

Our Features And Advantages

All Free

Our service and product always will be free.You don’t have to pay any cost!

No Need of Jailbreak
& Apple ID

Jailbreak? NO! Input Your Apple ID? NO! All You need to do is Click and Touch! You can enjoy unlimited lives, gold, money, coins in a game!

Secure Platform

Apps are delivered using the standard SSL encryption.

Tweaked Apps &
Hacked Games

These apps have special features


We have more than 5k+ apps and games.They are divided into many categories for your choice

Support a variety of
IOS devices

iOS8+, iPhone、 iPad、 iPod 、iPhone X

Sign Favorite Apps

Unc0ver Jailbreak
Chimera Jailbreak
Comic Box

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